Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Episode 43 - SSAG 3 - Casper Hates Fireballs

Welcome again to the SSAG podcast. This time, we take you to a magical place, where authorities or government officials do not stop people from fighting on public streets, in alleys, on rooftops, and even in volcanoes. You guessed it; we’re talking about fighting games. From the super, hyper popular Street Fighter to the rare Wargods, we will talk about all the fighting games we’ve played, and games we want to forget.

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(0:00 - 10:29) Introduction - Fighting Games, WTF are they Another party of people, almost the same amount from last time. The SSAG podcast definition of a fighter: A game that doesn’t require headshots… Please do not use us as a reference. (10:30 – 19:55)Your favorite fighting game and arcades Do you have a favorite fighting game? If so, please chime in at or (I heard you might win something if you email them) (19:56 - 38:15 ) Discussion: Stories in fighter games, Tekken is a 10 hit win button game Wow, I’ll see you guys at 50. I recalled a story involving Justin Wong playing Cyclops This is Daigo! You may have to download and enhance CSI-style to view the pic. (35:16 – 1:16:52) Mods, custom and rare fighting games Creepy time And you thought Zangief couldn’t get any creepier, WRONG! Who’s that pokem…WTF Mugen videos Gundam Battle Assault War Gods Super time Street Fighter The Movie Game Card Saga Wars (Based off MUGEN engine) (1:16:53 – 1:41:35) Reviews BlazBlue (1:41:36 – 1:48:48) Closing Yep, done. So, yeah… Game over. For more video game mayhem and sexual positions, go visit Please feel free to leave a comment here or contact us via email at:


Boywec said...

"King of the scruffs," I never heard of that term before but I have experienced it before.

Among my friends I was THE BEST at Smash Bros Melee. But then I went to a Smash tournament and then learned about wave dashing. If you don't know what that means, all you need to know is wave dashers = GOD TEAR!

Doctor said...

Actually, if you are not wave dashing, you should not even move.

sailorsamus said...

Any of you ever play Jump Ultimate Stars? Just curious.

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