Thursday, October 1, 2009

Episode 35 - Hugging Makes You Pregnant

How many episodes are podcasts suppose to make within a year? Either way, we are going to be releasing this a bit early due to us being behind on episodes. That is to be expected since we are the Ass Backwards Anime Podcast. This is our freshly baked review on Yakitate!! Japan. Sorry, I needed to do at least one.

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(0:00-4:44) Intro We just hit the ground running in this episode. It is kind of the format of the old episodes. I will say this now. We had notes in front of us, but we completely ignored it. I am sure you can hear the random clicks of a mouse looking at Wikipedia throughout the episode. Though that is where we get most of our notes anyway. Trust me, you will need notes for this show. (4:45-11:40) Discussion (This is where you could stop listening.) We just said the entire show by now. (11:41-1:11:32) Discussion (If you are not already convinced, here is the whole show.) I would break this down some more, but we jumped back and forth so much that it would have broken down into one minute segments. So, to make up for it, here are some clips from the show. Kuro-yan being Kuro-yan Get learned by Ken Naked Fight Super Kuroyanagi Naruto parody Yo Dawg I heard you like parodies Worth a shot You will now notice every time he says that phrase We will see you at forty (1:11:33-1:12:53) Earcatch The Unofficial One Piece Podcast How dare you pass our episode count! Hope you did good on that test Zach. Animeshon Podcast I feel like I'm promoting a dead show. Get something out dude. (1:12:54-1:31:50) Discussion (How are you still listening?) Ken. He is made of afro and win. (1:31:51-1:34:57) Closing Yep. It has been a year already. It was amazing that after all the podcast listening I have done, the thought never came to me earlier that we should do this. I know Foxy and I thought about making a panel for con long before doing this. We even considered using it as a way to teach members of our anime club, which now consists mainly of our cast. After listening to an episode of Gundamn@MAHQ (good people), I realized "If these guys can do it, why can't we?" So, after a random instant message, we were on our way to making our craptacular show. I want to that thank everyone involved in the making of this podcast. You guys are all great friends for, not only the support, but just being yourselves and it shows on the podcast. Throughout the year, there have been times where I wanted just to stop doing this. Random crashes, losing data, lack of notes, lack of sleep, lack of time were just a few things that made me nearly collapse. But, you roll with the punches. All of it was a learning experience. The podcast, in some ways, has only started to evolve and it will continue to do so. As a great man once said: We are not there yet. Evolution is slow, smallpox is fast. The last people I want to thank are the fans, whoever you are. In some ways, I am still thinking that my friends are just using proxy servers to visit the site at work and are redownloading episodes on multiple computers. We have, however, gotten emails from fans saying that we actually entertain them. Trust me, that beats getting 100 downloads any day. We don't have a voice mail line (Yet.) or a forum (Doubt it. Here is a cheap substitute.). So by emailing us, it allows me to know there are real people behind those numbers. I guess as a fan of other podcasts, and not wanting to voice an opinion on their shows, I can see most of you are coming from. But, now I see from the other side. Without an audience, we are just talking to ourselves. Actually, that is what we normally do anyway, so that is not a legitimate excuse. That is all we do really. We are giving you the opportunity to listen to a bunch of interesting people talk about whatever comes to our heads. Without your feedback, you will be that awkward person that is sitting there not saying anything. So, speak up. You may learn something. That was longer than I wanted. Trust me, I am no blogger. I can leave that to my co-hosts. I am sure my wall of text will get done eventually. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email at: Check us out on Facebook


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