Sunday, September 27, 2009

Episode 34 - Mexican Can Find It

This episode is not safe for work. Please, if you do bring this to work, make sure you have your headphones for this one. So, yeah, this is episode 34 of the Ass Backwards Anime Podcast. In this episode, we talk about...OK, anyone here not from the Internet?

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(0:00-6:00) Intro I tried to start the show right away, but then I got interrupted so I thought I should continue eating the cookies that Peterson kindly provided. I didn't set the mic to pick up Cool Hip and Squirtle, which is why they sounded so low. Plus, they were not that close to the mic. (6:01-15:30) Discussion (Our first experience with the subject) What are your favorite Disney characters? Please, email us about. Be as descriptive as possible. (15:31-38:30) Discussion (Doujins and Fanfiction) I somehow forgot that I shipped hard for Naruto and Hinata. It is very clear that it is not going to happen, but I thought it would have been interesting to see the quiet girl finally get the guy without her letting him pick someone else and have her say as long as he is happy she is happy. Don't give me that crap. Seriously. You go through the entire show after his dick and then you pussy out at the end. (38:31-42:43) Discussion (Comic Market) If I had the money and some sort of contraption that allows me to maneuver through the hordes of people, that also uses the air inside the building and converts it into a pine scent, which can also be used to power said machine, then I wouldn't mind going to Comiket. Also, if the machine was an ice cream truck. (42:44-44:10) Earcatch Animeshon Podcast If you got a topic you think I can help with, don't be afraid to ask. The Unofficial One Piece Podcast Like the new layout guys. Need to start considering a new layout for the site. (44:11-1:03:04) Discussion (/d/) We are not linking to that site. (1:03:05-1:13:25) Discussion (The evil side) We are not putting pictures. (1:13:26-1:17:22) Closing Has it been a year already? Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email at:


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