Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Episode 126 - Super Beaver

Finally. Finally a brand new episode of the podcast. This is not taken from any other show. This is a real episode. After what feels like several months of not being able to record a proper episode, the show is back to give you an actual review of a current movie. I am joined by (Insert Nickname Here), Natalie, to talk about the recent Makoto Shinkai movie, your name.

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(0:00 - 15:52) Intro

Giving you guys a bit of a small catch up as to the reason for the long gap between episodes. Plus, a brief discussion on One Piece: Film Gold.

(15:53 - 2:01:26) Review (your name.)

As with most of our podcast episodes, we will be getting into spoilers for the whole movie. So if you missed out on watching it, you have been warned. I did noticed that I yadda yadda'ed through some parts so you can still enjoy the stuff we missed.

(2:01:27 - 2:03:49) Closing

"I know Makoto Shinkai movies better than [Makoto Shinkai]." - Natalie, 2017.

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