Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Episode 117 - If I Can Turn Back Time

And that took longer to put out. Hey, there is a new season of anime this fall. Well, we don't talk about it that much since not a lot of it came out when we recorded this. We are having a problem with things coming out when they are suppose to. So, here is what we thought of the summer season of anime for 2015. Enjoy.

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(0:00 - 11:40) Intro

It is not often advertised on the podcast site itself, but we sometimes like to stream things on a Livestream page. You might be able to see something of a homework assignment still there at the posting of this episode. Sign of things to come?

(11:41 - 1:27:37) Discussion (Summer 2015 Anime Season Review)

So, we used this site to talk about most of the shows we watched during this episode. As expected, there will be spoilers for a majority of the shows during the season. I forgot which ones so just assume all of them. You have been warned.

(1:27:38 - 1:29:07) Earcatch

The Unofficial One Piece Podcast I had a fun time playing Fibbage with these guys. They talk about One Piece? The Animanga Podcast Where the hell is my book, Jammer?

(1:29:08 - 2:10:40) Discussion (Fall 2015 Anime Season Preview)

One Punch Man is pretty.

There is nothing else to that. It just is.

(2:10:40 - 2:13:29) Closing

We really need to get to 120 before the year is up.

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