Saturday, January 31, 2015

Bonus - Shootin' The Hit(?) With One Piece

Hey everyone. Still getting episode 110 ready for you to consume. Until then, you can listen to us our good friends Jammer and Dominic's podcast, The AniManga Podcast. Well, it's technically their Shootin' The *hit variant. We kind of had a bunch of different talk throughout the episode but towards the end we ended a good discussion on One Piece and the ongoing claims of sexism within it. You can consider this a part two to what we had during our 100th episode.

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Replica_Rabbit said...

Thank you for having the One Piece sexism discussion, it really make me think about it more. I have been recently thinking about sexism in the things I like. But I never really think to deeply on One Piece sexism, mostly because I like the Manga so much. I usually pretty bias on it, and I dismiss problems about it a lot. I really need to break that habit and be more objective of the things that I like, instead of saying "it is what it is".
Anyway, great podcast!! And Jingle All the Way is best movie ever :)

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