Sunday, June 15, 2014

Episode 103 - June 15, 2014

We are back and we are not talking about anime again. I don't know why we keep doing that to you. Well, the show we are talking about is basically a cartoon. We are joined by Diego of Dropping the X: An Unofficial Hunter x Hunter Podcast to talk about Community.

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(0:00 - 6:55) Intro

Hurry up and go watch this show.

(6:56 - 1:23:31) Discussion (The early seasons and the characters)

This is the part where we talk around everything that happens with this show.

(1:23:32 - 1:25:05) Earcatch

The Unofficial One Piece Podcast They keep allowing me on their show.

Anime Addicts Anonymous Podcast I had a bunch but this one made me laugh.

(1:25:06 - 2:21:56) Discussion (Season 4 and beyond)

Let's hope it works out.

(2:21:57 - 2:40:54) Mailbag

We haven't had feedback in a while. We need more of that.

(2:40:55 - 2:42:33) Closing


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Trick said...

Thought I was going to be on this one, but then again that was back when season 3 ended. Oh well. Anyway, I suspect that comic discussion towards the end might be related to one of the Twitter feeds Doctor mentioned last week.

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