Saturday, April 19, 2014

Episode 102 - April 19, 2014

The trio is still here and we a bunch of new anime to talk about. Yes, the return of actual anime talk as well as our coverage of the new Spring anime season.

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(0:00 - 20:50) Intro

We spent a lot of time talking about sports anime that we would want to see. What sport do you want to be seen in anime form?

(20:51 - 53:37) Discussion (Spring 2014 Anime Season)

Here is the chart we used.

(53:38 - 55:55) Earcatch

Here 2 Day, Gone Tomorrow Podcast It's a life podcast. It's an entryway to the mind, the souls and hearts...

The Unofficial One Piece Podcast I made a string of appearances at one point. Listen to that Meeting of the Minds thing.

The Animanga Podcast Still in some mountain somewhere.

(55:56 - 2:12:16) Discussion (Spring 2014 Anime Season)

Stardust Crusaders opening.

(2:12:17 - 2:16:27) Closing

Turns out that was a lie. Doctor Who episode will be next time. OR MAYBE THIS IS A LIE TOO!

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trick said...

Nearly did a spit take several times while listening to this episode. Also glad you brought back the seasonal previews.

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