Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Episode 101 - April 8, 2014

Oh look, after 24 hours of irregular anime talk, your favorite anime podcast is back and we are not talking about an anime. Clearly nothing has changed. The three man team is back! Peterson came out of the bunker and now we are here to talk about Bioshock Infinite. Don't worry, Peterson will not disappear on us again.

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(0:00 - 43:00) Intro

So, this is the first time since the marathon that we are trying to new mixer and Skype for this recording. Had to do some audio adjusting and some cleaning but it turned out OK. I just think it's great that I don't have to be adjusting the mics every ten minutes.

All you need of Saints Row 4.

(43:01 - 2:41:35) Review (Bioshock Infinite)

Why are you shocked that it took this long for use to actually get to the thing we were suppose to be talking about?

(2:41:36 - 2:43:55) Closing

Doctor Who episode should be after this. Or this could be a lie.

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robert said...

finally the trio is back. I like the episode but it seem like peterson was just sitting on the side line and not saying much. would you guy review a Korean web toon called Tower of God.

trick said...

Like the episode title theme.

BOYWEC said...

Yo guys,

Great episode. I just had to say, for this episode, I was planning on sending a email that played on the whole Good/Darkest timeline thing. With one half positive and the other half of the email negative. And that was when I realized I am incapable of writing hate emails. It was taking forever, so I just sent a normal one. Much props to that guy that was sending hate mail about Richy.


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