Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Episode 100 Part 7 - Best Kept Secret

WE ARE DONE! ALL OF THE AUDIO IS OUT! 24 HOURS OF A BUNCH OF FRIENDS TALKING ABOUT DUMB STUFF! Yeah, the last part of marathon is now uploaded and online. I want to thank all the people who tuned into the stream and all the guests that called into the show. In case you are wondering about the audio, it started to get really bad towards the end of the recording. Good thing I noticed this five months later. Now I know what not to do. Oh well, next time we plan for a 24 hour recording, we will know what not to do.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting up the audio from the 24h stream, I only managed to catch the last hour or so of it live.

Also, though it may be a bit late, congratulations on "100" episodes (think its more 130 or so though)

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