Thursday, November 22, 2012

Episode 93 - Back On Topic

Here is something we haven't done for a small while. Like we have mentioned before, we are an anime podcast. On this episode, we give a bunch of series that we enjoyed and we hope that you will enjoy as well. Dominic from the Animanga Podcast and Bullet Beast from the Unofficial Hunter X Hunter Podcast join us with their suggestions.

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(0:00 - 8:01) Intro

Since this just so happens to come out around the same time, I was recently on an episode of the Hunter x Hunter Podcast. Go check it out.

(8:01 - 26:32) Review (Kuroko's Basketball)

Here is a bit of Kuroko's "talent".

(26:33 - 44:56) Review (Kagi no Kakatta Heya)

Here is the preview for the series.

(44:57 - 1:06:28) Review (Sengoku Basara)

This is basically the relationship between Yukimura and Takeda.

(1:06:29 - 1:39:01) Review (Ginga e Kickoff)

Yeah, the opening is a spoiler.

(1:39:02 - 2:00:18) Review (My Ordinary Life & Daily Lives of High School Boys)

It would make sense to group these two together since they have the same problem: It is hard to describe these shows with just words. Here are some clips of each show. It works out pretty well since both shows are broken down as a bunch of quick segments.

First round is My Ordinary Life.

Next is Daily Lives of High School Boys.

(2:00:19 - 2:03:01) Closing

Let's see how many we can do while I am on vacation.

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