Friday, October 12, 2012

Episode 91 - SSAG 10 - Shots Fired

Our first proper episode for the 90s. The SSAG returns...for the last time? What does this mean for our video game spin-off series? Are we tired of video games? Why does this episode sound like it was record months ago? All one of your questions will be answered.

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(0:00 - 3:50) Intro

They never showed up. T_T

(3:50 - 1:18:59) Discussion (E3. Sort of.)

In case you were wondering, this was meant to be an E3 episode. What was actually discussed didn't really even cover much about the games that were shown. What we do provide is some real motherf'n talk.

(1:18:59 - 1:47:22) Discussion (What we have been playing)

Borderlands 2 would have been the answer had this been recorded recently. If you want to see my shenanigans on my Twitch account, you can tune in almost every Wednesday. When we are not doing the SSAA Podcast Not Live Show on Ustream, you can watch me SSAG Off to a bunch of different video games, from fighting games to RPGs. I would not mind taking request if people have suggestions. Just make sure to follow us on Twitter to see when it happens. Straight to your face.

(1:47:23 - 1:50:11) Closing

We always shoot for timeless.

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