Friday, January 13, 2012

Episode 84 - Cologne

It's time to tackle the next Toei machine. We are joined by Dominic of the AniManga Podcast to talk about HeartCatch Pretty Cure. Having just done a Sailor Moon episode, it would make sense to talk about the series which you can say is taking the helm of the magical girl genre. Since this was one of the most recent versions to come out, we thought it would be a good jumping in point for people who are new to the franchise. Now, open your heart for the next...Faiz...

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(0:00 - 6:55) Intro

Funk is also here by the way. Now with the actual co-host tag.

(6:56 - 12:22) Discussion (PreCure History)

We will eventually go into more detail with some of the other shows once we get to them. If you just want a peak into some of the early series, you can try to seek out the first All Star movie since it a good sample of a bunch of them.

(12:23 - 36:29) Discussion (HeartCatch)

To understand the difference between the two animations, here is the opening sequence.

Now, here is the opening of the second crossover movie featuring the HeartCatch girls in the more traditional animation style. It’s subtle but it’s there.

(36:30 - 50:09) Discussion (Villians)

There is some stuff I want to talk about more in a separate post since it will include a bunch of spoilers. I didn't want to overburden the episode right now so expect the follow up in the coming months.

(50:10 - 1:11:21) Discussion (The Cures)

I could go on for a while about my love for Ami in Sailor Moon. Obviously, since I already released that audio. After this show, Cure Moonlight blew her out of the water. Here is a bit of her just kicking some ass.

(1:11:22 - 1:39:39) Discussion (Random Talk)

At this point we delve into other subjects about the series including some of the crossover movies and even the proper HeartCatch movie.

Also this.

(1:39:40 - 1:42:18) Closing

Assuming I bundle some of the other shows together, there is at least 5 more episodes that can be made. No guarantees.

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