Sunday, September 11, 2011

Episode 81 - Grougaloragran

Now that we don’t have to worry about hurricanes (for now), we can now talk about anime, kinda. This was something that the people on this episode had requested to do for some time now. We are going to be talking about the French MMO turned cartoon, Wakfu. I thought this show would be a great way to kick off the theme for the 80s. Since we don’t usually have a set plan for what we want to talk about (and clearly it shows), I thought it would be kinda cool to have an overall theme this run of episodes. This will be all about magic. It can range from wizards to magical girls to magic wielding mechs. A couple of surprises will be thrown in between various episodes, so expect to have a lot of firmware updates.

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(0:00 - 4:00) Intro I had this on my notes but forgot to mention it while we were recording: We will be attending Anime Weekend Atlanta. We won’t be hosting any panels but we will be among the crowd during the con. If anyone wants to do a meet-up, send us an email and we can arrange a dinner for all one of you. (4:01 - 54:26) Discussion (Yo, this shit is French) For more on the series as a whole, you can check out the Tumblr site, The Brotherhood of Tofu. (54:31 - 56:48) Earcatch The AniManga Podcast Expect to have Foxy on their show very soon. One Piece At A Time Does this count as having Vic on the show? (56:48 - 1:39:14) Discussion (The Mmmmmmmmmorpg) In case you are wondering, Mexican disapeared before we can finish the epsidoe. The show in a nutshell. (1:39:15 - 1:42:15) Closing I wonder if anyone got the title theme for the 70s. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email at: Check us out on YouTube, Facebook and on Steam.
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trickthetm said...

Names styled like Seinfeld episode titles.

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