Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Episode 67 - It Was Too Soon...Twice Actually

Actually, this episode is way too late. You can blame Foxy for suggesting that I release this episode before 66. If you couldn’t tell based on the conversation, this was recorded some time ago. I usually try to go for timeless, but we always end up screwing that up somehow. Regardless, this is the next installment of the ongoing series known only to me as Episode 8 Ultimate. We talk about giant robots. Then, we talk about Batman. Rinse. Repeat. Sketch stops by again to talk about robots too. It is somewhere there if you can find it amongst all the Batman talk.

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(0:00 - 13:59) Intro Let us prey that Sketch’s podcast sees light of day. (14:00 - 35:29) Discussion (Megas XLR) What makes this show good? Buttons. (35:30 - 36:38) Earcatch Animeshon That was fun. No hard feelings, right? (36:39 - 59:49) Discussion (Gun X Sword) I think I made it clear that my taste in anime is a bit different from the norm, which just means I tend to like almost everything I watch. Even with all the teasing, I know a good series when I see one. Also, I will not apologize for anything that I said in episode 11. Go write a fanfic if you disagree. (59:50 - 1:01:14) Earcatch NPC Podcast Come back soon. We miss you. (1:01:15 - 1:41:39) Discussion (Big O) Foxy’s Law: As a discussion grows longer, the probability of Batman approaches 1. (1:41:40 - 1:43:06) Closing Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email at: Check us out on Facebook and on Steam.


Anonymous said...

I call bullshit. Mecha shows can be deep, and still be great. Has no one seen Gundam?

Dame Dr. Foxy Brown said...

If it was my comment then I'll claim to have been talking about mecha shows that fake being deep rather than actually being deep. I'm not a Gundam fan so I can't tell if you're serious or being facetious.

Josh said...

In all fairness, Gundam was all about war and how its so bad, so it can only be so deep without being cheesey. However, no one can take the love and relationships seriously.

Plus it matteres what you call deep. Some of the choices Lelouch had to make in Code Geass could be considered deep (or melodramatic).

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