Thursday, October 21, 2010

Episode 66.6 - He Ate A Spoonful Of Cinnamon...Twice Actually

Oh hey, Peterson here. Somehow I got conned into doing a solo episode. So, since I got an awesome number and since it is almost Halloween and since I never talk about any other than animes, dramas and cartoons, why not do an episode on mangas, starring the Bible's (main) antagonist, Satan. (I think) I do have the attention span of a gnat, so I’ll find a way to make this fun, somehow..

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(0:00 - 3:07) Intro

I said it half-heartily as a troll, wanting to see if anyone was going to try it on their own, but I do not want anyone trying this without knowing the dangers (it’s pretty funny) of doing cinnamon.

Also, here is a partial list of the cast and what food they remind me of.

Doc => Chili
Foxy => Fried Chicken
Cool hip => ??? Profit?
Bond Girl => Kimchi
Casper => Anything unhealthy(see: KFC double down for truth)
Mexican => Tequila(without the worm, because he’s a punk)
Funk => Fried Plantain
Josh => Corn (Think about it)
Too lazy to do the rest

(3:08 - 3:59) Earcatch

The Unofficial One Piece Podcast - I’ve got nothing.

(4:00 - 9:59) Round 1-3

Round 1 - Satanizer (Read away from children, preferably in a church)
Round 2 - Devilman /Lady (Anti-war propaganda? Stick to drawing Mr. Nagai)
Round 3 - My Ball (Best bedtime story, ever!)

(10:00 - 16:00) Round 4 - 6

Round 4 - The Blue Exorcist(The title always makes me think of this)
Round 5 - Defense Devil(Lawyers? Are the devils? Lies? Objection!)
Round 6 - Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer (This is how i get down)

Anime for this soon, please? Come on Gainax, everyone knows you like to masturbate. This is perfect for you!

(16:01 - 18:30) Closing

P1: But, Peterson, you didn’t say anything about 666satan.
P2: Well, O-Part Hunters is a pretty well known manga and I’m sure we talked about or, at least, mention it in passing. Plus, I wouldn't really recommend 666satan.
P1: Wait, wut.
P2: Yep.

P1: But, Peterson, you didn’t say anything about Beelzebub.
P2: Beelzebub is awesome, but it is on Weekly Sh┼Źnen Jump. There is no way people won’t read it. Right?

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Ricey said...

A spoon full of cinnamon makes the SSAA go down?

As for the short but sweet, I am always interested in more manga stuff.

The whole "devil" topic got me thinking about all the interesting ways anime has parodied Christianity. I am not sure if any of the crew are religious at all but I think it would make a good discussion topic some time.

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