Sunday, August 29, 2010

Episode 63 - My Power Went Out...Twice Actually

Welcome to back to the Ass Backwards Anime Podcast. I missed you guys and gals. Did you miss us? I hope you did. Sorry for the wait. We are backed up on episodes and need to release these for something more important. If you are aware of the news, I am sure you can take a guess as to what we will be talking about in the future. I love being vague. Until then, here is the first of three episode will be release this week. Yes, three episodes this week. I am not going to get interrupted by random hotel parties or Scott Pilgrim for the rest of the week. I thought I would begin today with something we recorded before going to Mizucon a few weeks ago. We talk about an anime about someone awesome, another anime about a lucky bastard, then a drama about an awesome bastard and a lucky idiot and we end it with a British series about a famous, awesome bastard.

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(0:00 - 14:28) Intro I want to apologies ahead of time to tell you that my mic was way too loud for some reason. Apologies to whoever we were referring to in the beginning as well. (14:29 - 34:22) Discussion (Akagi) This series is obviously the hardest one to get into. This is one of those shows where notes are very important. Trust me, we didn’t scratch the surface as to how crazy this kid really is. (34:23 - 1:02:13) Discussion (Kaiji) We didn’t get a chance to cover the live action movie. If you can find it, it will cover all the rounds that were in the series. Obviously, it will have a different outcome to the series. If you want a glimpse of it, here is the trailer. (1:02:14 - 1:03:16) Earcatch Animeshon You are ripping the guy off, but at least you do a better job at making me think it's in one take. (1:03:17 - 1:37:19) Discussion (Liar Game) It is really hard to find decent videos for this show. I think this one will show you a bit of everything we were talking about. Plus, gives a better explanation as to what game we were trying to remember. Here is a bit of how Nao’s mind works. (1:37:20 - 1:37:50) Earcatch The Unofficial One Piece Podcast I hope you enjoy your manga-free month. (1:37:51 - 2:11:44) Discussion (Sherlock) For the sake of spoilers, I won’t say much about this show. By the way, I finished this series not long after we recorded this episode. I wish I had done that before they decided to record about it. If you are wondering the why the overall sound quality changed after this section, most of the audio I had was unusable due to my power going in and out. Luckily, Foxy took the initiative to record on her end. My side was fine, but for everyone else all you would have heard was fifteen minute bursts of silence. Again, more audio you will never hear. It mainly had to do with our podcast origin story if you are wondering. If you want to know the story, write in or leave a voicemail. Give us enough to convince Foxy that we should do an episode on it. (2:11:45 - 2:34:09) Discussion (Top of the Aughts) Here is the survey we are asking people to fill out. Remember: this is for shows that premiered from January 1, 2000 through December 31, 2009. There is a handy link in that post that can give you a nudge in the right direction. (2:34:10 - 2:38:13) Closing The next episode will be four days before next week. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email at: Check us out on Facebook and on Steam


iblade said...

So you like that Scott Pilgrim game huh? Tried Shank yet?

smokes said...

hmm this episode seems to be good =)
downloading it now =)

Ricey said...

Hmmm those shows sounds seemed interesting, I might have decided to watch them, if you had not spoiled!

Jokes aside good thing you guys mentioned that we needed to re-vote on the poll. I don't know how I feel about only doing shows that stared in the oughts. One piece for example started in 99 but so much of its impact and the majority of its episodes has been in the oughts, not that I would have voted or anything.

Doctor said...

@iblade not yet. im getting the demo now.

@smokes yes...yes it is...

@Ricey I should know better....

Well, we did say you have to explain your reasoning for the awesome category. I understand where you are coming from. Another example to your argument can also be Cowboy Bebop. Though it came out in 1998, we didn't feel the impact of it until the aughts.

Really the point of this gimmick was to give people enough time to let all the past shows to sink in and for people to decide without having them immediately pick a show that came out late last year. It's clear that we are very late to the trend that the anime blogosphere has already forgotten. That is just part of our charm. I’m sure we could have just decided our picks but we wanted to have some fun with it.

Ricey said...

It's a good thing I do not follow the anime blogosphere then.
As for the "gimmick" they way you implemented the poll seemed fine to me, better then having people just post a list in the comments and I did find it rather funny to see how many harem shows I have not watched.
Also I do appreciate it when a podcast tries to involve its fan base more, as long as they don't take it to far aka piece the tweet.

Doctor said...

I promise to steal as many Conan jokes.

smokes said...

i watched Akagi/Kaiji, but didnt know Liar Game was the same stuff.
gonna read it soon-ish =)
nice episode..

tho its kinda different from the other podcasts i'm listening..
i mean you just start talking randomly xD i didnt even know where the akagi part starts and everything..
i thought its like Onpiece podcast, where there the episodes are on segments.. here instead is just freedom.. just talking lol)

Ricey said...

Watched Akagi and found it enjoyable, so I decided to read the manga as well. I see that they are getting a second season and it makes me wonder if we are gonna see 26 episodes of Akagi vs pachinco machine.

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