Thursday, July 22, 2010

Episode 60 - The Inception Episode Featuring Predators

I was not expecting to be sick while this episode was being produced. I am sure you can hear me slowly decay during this recording. It’s no secret what movies we have watched recently and that we can’t stop taking about them.. I think it would be best to tell you this is still an anime podcast. An anime podcast that has screwed up on more than one occasion and now is the time to fix that. We are going to read off all the corrections to our mistakes for the past decade of episodes. We are also going to read some feedback which ended up leading to an entirely different discussion. See you after the kick.

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(0:00 - 9:40) Intro (9:41 - 30:21) Discussion (Corrections) (30:22 - 32:49) Earcatch Animeshon Podcast The character for Victory/Win should be 승. The Unofficial One Piece Podcast I’m still meh on the new opening. Jammer’s AniMovie Podcast Wish I could have been on the movie side of your recent episode. (32:50 - 1:15:13) Mailbag (1:15:14 - 1:18:03) Closing Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email at: Check us out on Facebook and on Steam


ShikonSoulreaper said...

See I would have dropped Kenshiro (FotNS) and the Major (GitS) into the predators world.

Kenshiro would be fun to watch fight the aliens, since everything he kung-fus explodes. Acid blood might be a downer on that.

And the Major has enough tech in her she'd might be able to see invisable people.

D from Vampire Hunter D would have been a nice choice as well. But I guess Alucard covers his post.

Bullet_beast said...

Guys I had this wierd ass dream. In it I walked into this big hotel room and Docter was doing kareoke in Kamen Rider Armor, and Peterson was eating watermelon, reading manga, and playing Super Mario Galaxy while floating upside down some how.

Then I saw Foxy relaxing while an army of bishonen and bishojo koreans catered to her every whim while she was watching ESPN and then all of a sudden you guys had a pokemon battle out of nowhere.

Now if that shit wasn't crazy enough, in the middle of the pokemon battle Black Dynamite & Supa Nigga crashed through the ceiling, killed all the pokemon and had the most awesome Kung-Fu showdown. I woke up right after but that shit was so cash.

So anyways I'd love to hear your takes on pokemon in a future episode.

Ricey said...

Just wondering what the name of that into song was?

Doctor said...

You should know that there is clearly a method to my madness. That was Shaquille O'Neil singing Mr. Material from the great 1996 hit Kazaam (Don't ask what I did to get that song). If you look back, with the exception of a few, the reason for every song I used is purposeful to the discussion. Everything is backwards.

BOYWEC said...

Okay, this is what we have to do. We have to go into Doctor's mind and find out the reason for him using Shaq's rap in this episode. Then use Inception, to make him use Jimmie Walker rapping from the Guyver movie as the intro to the next episode.

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