Monday, May 24, 2010

Episode 56 - The Gateway Episode Featuring Josh With A Lead Pipe In The Lounge

Oh right, the podcast. Took a while but we finally got an episode ready for you. I had one to many technical difficulties which is the reason for the delay. I hope you have been at least enjoying the active Twitter. Oh right, I can't go on there as much due to work. Turns out that promotions mean that you have to do more work. Plus, school is getting closer and closer ending for me. I think one less headache will be enough for me to concentrate on important things. That does not include this podcast of course. So, for your listening pleasure (or not since there was way too much noise to remove), here is our discussion on what anime has done to lead us into the different experiences we have had. For this one, we brought over a good friend of ours, Josh Dunham, to join in. Dedizen is here too. That explain the technical problems...

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(0:00 - 14:20) Intro I wonder if that guy on the motorcycle makes Skittles deliveries all over Foxy's neighborhood. That guy has been in all of our recordings so far. We might as well be sponsored by Mars. All this talk about Skittles got me thinking about this AMV. More on this subject later. (14:21 - 48:05) Discussion (Remember That?) I think I have said that Gundam story way too many times. One of my first anime purchases and that set is now going for $120 online. Bandai is going to be re-releasing the Anime Legends set though. (48:06 - 49:26) Earcatch Animeshon Podcast You need to send me that 3JP promo. (49:27 - 1:33:51) Discussion (Now What?) Yes Miyavi is a guy and yes he is serious business. (1:33:52 - 1:35:02) Earcatch Jammer's AniMovie Podcast Oh hi, Jammer. You are late on releasing that episode. Look, don't worry about it and congrats on graduating. Oh hi, Timestamp. (1:35:03 - 2:05:41) Discussion (What's Left?) The Host trailer (2:05:42 - 2:08:06) Closing We got more with Josh in a little while. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email at: Check us out on Facebook and on Steam


Unknown said...

Hey great episode.
Your discussion about other anime podcasts was spot on and I wish you would call some out .I tried listening to one called "anime addicts" (I think) and as soon as they started shitting on Darker than Black I was like
It didn't help that no one had any chemistry, they seemed to be jaded, and their conversation felt like a skype call(Lack of funny didn't help).

Basically you guys have a great dynamic (Foxy, Doctor and Petering) that's entertaining as hell and most episodes sound as if your recording in the same room which is a plus.
This vibe is only duplicated in other affiliated podcasts. One Piece Podcast and That Anime Show is the beginning and end of it really....

Good to hear I ain't the only person who thought Naruto "was" cool (Hasn't been good or epic since Naruto/Sasuke fight).
Though i found the light and jumped ship, I feel a bit sad I only just started following One Piece this year, its laughable how bad it makes Naruto (or any Shonen series) seem in comparison.

Lastly if anyone read this far, thank you.
This is just a recommendation to Doctor.
Give some visual novels a shot dude. You seem too appreciate good voice acting so I think you could get some enjoyment out of them.
Heres my recommendations for what you should start with (the first 3 a more story drive, but they have some H elements).
1.Kana Little Sister
2.Yume Miru Kusuri – A Drug That Makes You Dream
3.Suika A.S+

Now I'm in New Zealand so I don't feel too guilty about pirating these games, so if you have no conscious go here
Hope give em a shot!

Keep up the great podcast!


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