Sunday, October 25, 2009

Episode 37 - Who Haven't We Offended?

Sorry for the wait people. Had way too many technical difficulties so it took a small while to release this. So now that I got a new laptop, there shouldn't be any more problems, for now. Now as far as the episode, we bring to you some suggestions of things that you should watch, all from the kind folks of Madhouse.

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(0:00-8:26) Intro Seriously, try out orange marmalade. It really is very tasty. It works very well with biscuits. (8:27-9:12) Review (Wicked City) Well, this really is just three sentences of the synopsis. (9:13-10:41) Earcatch Animeshon Hey, Josh. Make sure you make something for 3JP that way I have another promo to put in here. Rangercast I just happen to have their promo with me and said screw it. Is it legal to promote them without their knowledge? (10:42-15:50) Review (Wicked City for realz this time) OK, here is the actual review. I think the trailer captures everything you need to know. Hell, you don't even need subtitles. (15:51-22:09) Review (Pet Shop of Horrors) The good people of the Anime Network have the entire show on their YouTube channel. You can watch it there. (22:10-26:18) Review (Oh! Edo Rocket) I rushed through this review. This shows how unique this little show is. (26:28-) Earcatch The Unofficial One Piece Podcast If any of the fans from that show came to here, please let me know so I can rub it in their faces. (28:29-35:11) Review (Casshern Sins) I cannot recommend this show enough. I want to put this video that shows everything I said, but you have to watch the show to understand the context of what is going on. All I ask of you is to at least make it to episode 8. If you don't want to watch it after that, that's alright with me. This is the trailer to the live action movie. (35:12-43:25) Review (Hulk Vs) We should make sure that Mexican doesn't go too long next time. (43:26-53:22) Review (Batman: Gotham Knight) In Darkness Dwells Deadshot We only talked about these two parts, but the entire anthology is a very good watch. Especially, if you are a Batman fan. (53:23-57:31) Review (Paradise Kiss) This one is short, so I don't think it really counts as a real review. (57:32-1:05:58) Review (A Wind Named Amnesia) It's weird that this is the second show that was set in America. Did someone at Madhouse really want to live in America at the time? (1:05:59-1:09:44) Review (The Gokusen) Wow, they do run a lot in the drama. (1:09:45-1:23:04) Discussion (Our favorite shows and some stupidity) Seriously, I don't know how the hell he did that. If you look now, there is a cheap mic you can buy on our Amazon widget. Along with a few more titles we recommend you should buy. (1:23:05-1:25:41) Closing Since I didn't do this before, here is the link to our own Cool Hip's review on Wet (yes, it's called that) that she did for another blog. I am sure its been buried in pile of posts due to this being a Buffy blog. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email at: Check us out on Facebook


Josh Dunham said...

Listened to your episode, and i liked it. Just wanted to leave a few comments.

Jam > Jelly

The Hulk VS films where actually quite good, tho Mexican forgot to mention steave blum as wolverine.

I wish you had mentioned Vampire Hunter D and Kobato, two more awesome madhouse productions.

Nice ep tho.

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