Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Episode 32 - You Better Hold On

OK, I know what you are thinking. How the hell did these idiots end up talking for 3 hours? Truth is we thought it was going to be shorter than this, but I ended up wanting to overachieve and now you people get this. This is our episode dedicated to music. Hopefully, we can stay as the top anime podcast on the internet. Seriously, search top anime podcast, you will find us.

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(0:00-2:35) Intro I stress the “Don’t sue us” part of the intro. There was a bit that was cut off in beginning since I wanted to make this less than three hours. Mainly, you heard the Aerith’s theme song. Nothing much really. (2:36-9:23) Mailbag I would like to thank Martin for getting the courage to email us. Why can’t the rest of you be as cool as him? Or the other people the mailed us…..SSAApodcast@gmail.com (9:24-20:15) Discussion (That dramatic reveal…) And then. That song. Luffy and Croc. Hedgehogs in space. (20:16-22:24) Discussion (What instrument does it for you, and does it well?) (22:26-33:25) Discussion (Insert songs that keep you up at night.) I will admit there are a lot of shows we are failing to mention. I, for some reason, had Gurren Lagann on the brain at the time of recording. Here is some Otsuu-chan (33:26-34:50) Earcatch Animeshon Podcast Get that computer fixed. The Unofficial One Piece Podcast This is community service. (34:51-36:16) Discussion (One last insert song) Seriously, if you haven’t, go watch The Queen’s Classroom. (36:17-43:00) Discussion (Some good OSTs) Goes to play game for the hundredth time… (43:01-1:00:45) Discussion (Some of our favorite composers) Yeah, I misdisprounced that guy’s name hard. Poor Peterson, trying to insert his opinion and gets destroyed by everyone else. With all that praising we have been giving Yoko Kanno throughout all of our episodes, it’s amazing we didn’t go through her entire biography. We ended up only saying 3 minutes worth of information. I spent more time looking for a song that best defines her. Realistically, that is an impossible mission. Her range is very disgusting. (1:00:46-1:11:20) Discussion (Great opening, but the show was…) When I watched the opening for Burst Angel, I assumed that I was going to get some gunkata. I am disappoint. But hey there was mech that I sure they were going to use a lot… I will continue to say that JAM Project can make anything epic. (1:11:21-1:17:45) Discussion (Yo dawg, I heard you like music…) (1:17:46-2:04:42) Discussion (Favorite opening songs) I think I would have gone longer with some of the different opening songs I like. The main point of them is to get people in the right mindset to watch the actual show. Now, some of them can say a lot, too much, or nothing at all. Sometimes, they just tell a complete lie. I think the ones that work are the ones that have the sequence tell you the story before the show starts proper. Now, most robot and shounen shows do that for you. Mech shows, especially older ones, have the songs dedicated to explaining the mech, characters, villains, etc. A good example is GaoGaiGar. Now, the opening does not have to tell you everything. The opening for Evangelion dropped all kinds of hints as to everything related to the show, another example is the opening for Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori. If you look, you can see the back-story of some characters and how their lives now center around this girl, who clearly is alone in the crowd. It even hints to some of the different stories involved in the season. Sometimes shows want to be creative as means to attract people to their show. Now, I will admit that the first opening of Bleach got me very interested since I really wanted to figure out what the hell that show was about. They don’t do that as often anymore now in Bleach. There was this one show that looked like a lot of fun. It had a very upbeat song, cute characters and it looked funny. I was wrong. (2:04:43-2:35:59) Discussion (Favorite ending themes) The ending songs are usually hit or miss for me. I will admit to having way more favorite openings than endings. The point of the ending song, for me, is keep you in the mood of the show, while slowing you down as the show is about to end. Obviously, it breaks the mood when you have a very dramatic moment in the show and then it cuts to an upbeat, j-pop song. I like it when shows that take this into account manage to have the ending start a minute before it transition to the closing sequence, shows like Full Metal Alchemist and Gundam SEED. Then, there are some shows that have the ending break the mood entirely and make you start feeling something different. This was my face after I saw that. (2:36:00-2:45:21) Discussion (Is the playlist on repeat?) Yeah, I know it’s weird that I like Ali Project. This is a weird combination (2:45:22-2:56:07) Discussion (Unnecessary padding) I guess you can tell I got lazy around this part of the episode. I will be watching this movie. (2:56:08-3:00:03) Closing Expect that wall of text coming soon. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email at: SSAApodcast@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

What the he'll?! So long?!

Ricey said...

Long is good in this case, defiantly one of my fav podcasts by you guys so far. Lots of nostalgia and trips to youtube, ty guy.

Doctor said...

Hey, your welcome. A good amount of work went into this one. Glad you are enjoying it.

noelle said...

i thought i was listening to something else when i heard wilson philips playing, lol!

thanks for the pick me up, foxy. it made me feel a bit better!

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