Thursday, August 13, 2009

Episode 30 - Why Are We Still Here?

I would like to start off by saying thank you to Wasabi Anime for posting our last episode without us begging them to do it. Though, I will say that this episode will not help any new viewers since it is going to show how terrible we actually are. This is another episode where we take a look back on all the mistakes we have made.

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(0:00-9:28) Intro I will say that my initial idea was to not reorder the audio to fit with our initial planned structure. With all the Twitter talk I thought it would best to mention that you can find almost all the cast on there. Just click on the respective hosts to start following them. Everyone has their own interests so pick your poison. (9:29-10:56) Earcatch The Unofficial One Piece Podcast I am on this show way too often… (10:57-1:03:58) Discussion (Our corrections) I was going to do the corrections for this episode, but I am really hungry as I wrote this and everyone wanted to go get something to eat right now, so this is going to be left for episode 40. (1:03:59-1:04:55) Earcatch Animeshon Podcast I think it would be cool for us to do a collaboration with your production studio one day. (1:04:56-1:36:18) Discussion (Our clip show) I am serious about that offer. I will go out of my way to release that Hunter x Hunter review episode with me and Peterson as sheep if someone emails us to do it. It better not be someone from the cast. (1:36:18-1:38:48) Closing I hope there are going to be less erorrs next time. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email at:


richymcbeefy said...

1. What was with that "angry rant" that Dame Dr. Foxy Brown went on? She barely sounded angry at all. I didn't know she was supposed to be angry until she said so. Someone that monotone must really suck at life.

2. Needless is trash.

3. Anyone that doesn't finish Gurren Lagann is trash. I'm talkin' to you, Brownie.

4. That book that explains Evangelion's mythology is a cursed tome that should never be read by innocent eyes. I glimpsed it once, at least I think it was it. For all I know, it was the essence of the damned pages wafting through the interwebs in an effort to solidify its terrible legacy by a never-ending trail of broken minds...and it had no pictures.

5. On the power rangers bit. Billy was one of my favorites up until the bad guy of the season attempted to destroy their headquarters and like the massive, pre-used enema-bag that he is, Billy threw himself on the exploding consoles in an effort to save them. The electricity fucked with his internal power matrix or some such nonsense. Thus, he lost the ability to become a ranger and resorted to being Zordon's nurse. I imagined he'd spend his days changing Big Z's diapers and cursing his lack of common sense or a vagina (read: woman)to talk to.

6. Pretty funny show. Keep it up.

richymcbeefy said...

Oh and release that damned Hunter X Hunter episode. As a fan, I demand it be released for my general amusement. That is all.

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