Friday, June 5, 2009

Episode 25 – Should I Be Allowed To Host Alone?

I hope you enjoyed the extended vacation we had. You can mainly blame me for finally being part of the workforce and not being able to release a decent episode in a timely basis (looks at name of podcast). So yeah, this is my first venture (sort of) in seeing how recording alone can possibly help this podcast. I can’t say this is my best work (looks at poll).

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(0:00-4:30) Intro I didn’t feel like putting any background music for this one. I know I could have but it would have taken longer to release this episode and seeing that no one really listens to this show, since we haven’t received any emails, you won’t care. (4:31-17:23) News Well, seeing as some loser decided to use the same exploit and Funi didn’t do enough to keep said loser out, they are starting to look really bad. Look people if you were real fans you would support the industry. Look if you’re going to download the show, just leave the site steaming in the background in mute. It’s simple. There should be a way to mute your browser while you watch something. God I love Windows 7. Yeah, I know Vista has it too (only good thing from that OS really). (17:24-29:17) Segment (A bit of ill informed Kamen Rider knowledge) I’m sure I missed a bunch of stuff about Kamen Rider history. I’m sure I’m going to be wrong on most of the stuff related to Shotaro Ishinomori or just everything in this segment. Really, not much else I can say since it really is a kid’s show about guy riding a motorcycle jump kicking people in rubber suits. Well, now you can just skip this part of the episode. This one is a compilation of the showa Riders including the ones from the remake movies. Here is a small compilation of various henshin sequences from the Heisei era riders up until now. Oh how the times have changed. (29:18-30:09) Earcatch Animeshon podcast (30:10-59:38) Review (Kamen Rider Kabuto) This was a bit hard for me to review this series since it relies so much on the characters than the plot. This was my proper introduction into the franchise and I hope this will at least give some interest to some people to try it out. Oh and pretty boys. Can’t get enough of that… (59:39-1:02:15) Closing I hopefully didn’t sound like crap for this one. FLORIDA EVERGLADES! Someone is gonna sue somebody. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email at:


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