Saturday, January 17, 2009

Episode 12.5 - Vic Will Be There

This is a quick minisode that ended up taking an hour. This is just a special episode, so this is not like most of what we put out. Less filler, more talk. At least, coherent talk. In this episode, we go over the con we attended here in Florida, Mizucon (Don't know how long that link is going to be up, but try your luck). This was recorded last year, so I thought it would be best if we released this in a timely manner.

Click here to download episode (Right-click and Save As)

There's no need for much for the timestamps since we only talk about the con we went to. If don't like what we talk about you can fast forward to 54:11. I'll be honest, I will be willing to go to the next one. Now that Jacon is gone, I might as well be more smaller cons. We mention not going to Atlanta for a con, but I hear Anime Weekend Atlanta is not bad. By the way, sorry.


B0X0R said...

The Year is 2014. The link still works.

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