Saturday, April 19, 2014

SSAA Network Audience Survey

As you guys may know, we talk way too much and we started up a few extra podcasts to indulge ourselves.  We've gathered these podcasts under the umbrella of the SSAA Network and we'd like to gauge just how well you guys the audience respond to the other shows.  So indulge us for a few minutes and take this survey.


Anonymous said...

When will know the result of the survey and what will you plan to do with it ?

Anonymous said...

When will we know the result of the survey and what will you plan to do with it ?

Dame Dr. Foxy Brown said...

Sup? The survey's going to run for a month before we close it and then we'll share the results on a podcast episode released around that time. The survey is going to help us make some key decisions around these parts and hopefully bring to you a better product going forward.

BOYWEC said...

Yo guys, just did my part with the survey. I hope this wasn't suppose to be an anonymous kind of thing, but oh well, I look forward to you guys next episode.


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