Monday, March 12, 2012

Bonus Round - Dance In The Vampire Bund

Oh hey, I did some another review on Anime 3000. I feel like I've provided more content for that website than I do my own. Well, deal with it. We still have more shows on the way. Just need to organize with other people. Episodes are already planned for up until 90 so it's not like we have nothing. Really, it's that there are so many video games out. Honestly, I spent the whole day yesterday before this posting playing Mass Effect 2 because I wanted to import my character, even though I already had a file in Mass Effect 3. I clearly hate myself. I'm just glad online play in Street Fighter x Tekken is broken as hell, or else I would be playing that just as much. Oh yeah, I talk about Dance In The Vampire Bund in this Bonus Round episode. Another Challenge Accepted contender.

By the way, the "Make A New SSAA Podcast Logo" contest is still on (title subject to change). If you got art skill, if you know someone with art skills, if you don't have art skills, or if you don't know someone with art skills just email us your entry.

Click here to download episode (Right-click and Save As)

You can check the full notes over at Anime 3000.


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