Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2010 Podcast Survey

Hey guys, we're encroaching on our 50th episode, and we want to make it as special as possible. The only way to do so is with your help. And since we hate doing work on the Internet, we're absolutely going to bribe you with excellent prizes. Prizes, as in more than one, as in you don't have to be the bestest, most perfectest one to win, but it would help. Anyway, fill out this questionnaire, be snarky, be silly, be creative, be jerks, but most importantly, BE HONEST, we're grownups (mostly) we can take it.

If everything went well, you should be able to get the pdf through our podcast feed. If you are not able to ask to access it, you can download the survey through this link.

Please send your answers to For those who are able to edit the pdf, you can use the provided textboxes and email the edited pdf. If you are unable to edit or need more space, you can answer the questions in the email.

I know it feels like you are doing homework, but we really want your feedback on this one. Plus, the possibility of fabulous prizes is always great. Small hint for the lightning round: Everyone's name has been said at least once throughout the entire run of the podcast. Not sure about Erik though...


Anonymous said...

I have to say this podcast is an entertaining podcast that delivers randomness, comedy, creativity, and some insightful knowledge. Shout out to Doc !

Doctor said...

Oh hi Anonymous. Thanks. If you can, fill out the survey and tell us more about you think.

Boywec said...

I agree with Anon, I hope Anonymous mind if I call him or her Anon. Great show yall.

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