Sunday, October 4, 2009

Podcast Awards

So I became aware of some Podcasting Awards that have a nominating process that start today. So we over here at the Ass Backwards Anime Podcast are asking our one fan. You know who you are. You with the keyboard and the monitor. Do something to help us out and expand our fanbase and recognize us for the glorious beams of awesome that we are. Nominate us over at their website, please only fill out the form once and only nominate us in one category, and from my examining of the site we'd fit into one of three categories: People's Choice, Entertainment or Movies/Films.

We've got a lot of good shows upcoming to justify your continuing subscription to our show. So hey, it's an honor to be nominated, if we make it that far, and we're counting on you to do your thing as fans. You love us...don't you?


iblade said...

I nominated you guys, what do I get?

Dame Dr. Foxy Brown said...

Internet candy. It's the best kind ever.

iblade said...

I guess I'll have to download it then. Well, as long as there's hentai flavor!

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