Saturday, July 11, 2009

Yasumi Con Review

Hello all, Peterson here. I am here today to give you a written review on Yasumi Con. Couple of reasons why I am posting this. You can think of this as a preemptive strike, so we will (not) review yet another anime convention on the podcast. Also, looking at the scoreboard, I see Foxy is in the lead in posts and I can’t have that. My E-Penis won’t allow it. Now, I am not as verbose as Foxy nor do I have a strong vocabulary or wide vernacular as her, so must bring in the extra funny, also I have pictures of real people. So, here is my Yasumi Con review.

While you may read this and say to yourself how small is Yasumi Con, I never heard of it. Well, it is hosted by FIU’s anime club and it does have a record. According to their site, it is the freeiest (Definition) anime convention in Florida. Well, it was definitely free I can tell you that, but is it worth it? Short answer: (YES/NO). The con is only for two short days, Saturday and Sunday, rather than the tradition 3 day three fare. Well, to be honest, there was the insuppressible Yaoi pillow fight on Friday night, but my testosterone levels can’t afford another dip.

Some of the normal con panels are present. You got the trite Subs vs. Dubs discussion, Intro to Japanese snacks and the How to draw/cosplay anime and, of course, the Hentai panel. Watching animated porn with other men, uh, I mean watching animated porn in general, never suited my taste. This con did manage to get the extremely world famous comedian Aaron Pabon and the sneak preview to Hero:108, which propelled this con to the best I ever went to. (Definition)

All humor aside, all that exist anyways, this con is free. It was a great place to meet other people who share some of my interests for free. I can’t complain about wasting money because it was free. Did I mention it was free? Except for parking, in Miami you always have to pay for parking. This con was organized by an anime Club. So, it is pretty impressive to see a con this size go off without a hitch. Some things they did was nonsensical, for a free Anime convention, do you really need to wear that ugly orange wristband? The schedule was somewhat on point, no noticeable hiccups except when people do not show up for their panels. Don't worry, I heard some nice, intelligent men jumped in and saved the day. Also, traveling to the heart of Miami, I would rather walk barefoot on a street full of broken glass. Will I go again next year? Short answer: Never again. I simply got what I paid for and I can't complain or ask for more.


I did spot another member of the SSAA group traveling about on their own accord. Doc was there to check out the MAHQ panel and the Anime Hater’s Panel, which was great, and to scope out the dealer’s room, A.K.A. TATE’S overflow. Why did I come? Well, obviously, for the Maid cafĂ©. Enough talk, have at you!

Breaking news: If you did not read this anywhere else, then allow me to brief you on the now. (That’s newsroom lingo) Ryan Reynolds is now the Green Lantern. That’s right ladies and gentlemen. He plays for both sides of the field. Not only is he Deadpool, arguably the funniest marvel character, he is now Green Lantern, a very funny DC character. This dude is going to be everywhere. Soon, they're just going to dump him in our water supply so we’ll all have a little Ryan in us all. Also, Justin Timberlake would make a terrible Green Lantern. I would pick Shia Labouf over JT.

Take some moody Japanese rock on your way out.


Anonymous said...

Ryan Renolds as green lantern hmmm...Which though > Kyle Reyner or Hal Jordan ? Cant be Alan Scot ?

Dc give use a good Green Lantern and Wonder Woman movie and I would be happy.

Doctor said...

I love Ryan Reynolds's keikaku dori face.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Hey if you guys recorded any audio during the 80s anime panel that never happened I'd like to hear it, mostly because I hope you got me talking about old robot cartoons. I left before everyone else did so I don't know how much longer it went on and what happened after or if the original hosts ever showed up. Put me on the list as someone who would like to hear you guys do a Yasumicon podcast review.

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