Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fan Participation McGee

Since we're nearing the quarter-century mark in terms of episodes, as anime fans we've decided to do something special for this and our eight-month anniversary.This Year, Neon Genesis Evangelion will celebrate the 14th anniversary of the start of its airing in Japan. It is impossible to be an anime podcast and not dedicate at least one episode to this show that has dramatically shaped the watching habits and philosophies of the modern anime fan, and spawned subsequent mecha animes that tried to achieve the same success. Therefore, us clowns here at the Ass Backwards Anime Podcast are asking for your opinions, streams of conscious and general gushing fanboy praise or fanboy hate for Neon Genesis Evangelion. Tell us what the show means to you, whether you adore it or revile it.

On the flip side, we are also discussing a show that aired eight years after NGE and is heavily influenced by it, Raxephon. Rahxephon seems to be quite a bit underrated, and we'd also like your thoughts on that show, whether you think it's a generic cliche-ridden Eva clone, that it's a masterpiece that fixed Evangelion's missteps or whether you have yet to watch it.

Our email of course is ssaapodcast@gmail.com, and the more well thought out your response, the more likely it will be read and discussed during the taping of the episode and honestly we welcome every single bit of feedback.


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